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Frank Sisson was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, into a New Bedford family with roots in the whaling industry.  Frank's great grandfather was Jonathan C. Hawes, master of the Whaleship Milo and one of two principal characters in the book, "A Ransomed Yankee."  The other principal character was Captain James Iredell Waddell, skipper of the CSS Shenandoah

Frank is a West Point graduate and served as an Air Force pilot during the Korean and Vietnam wars.  He retired from military service in 1969 and began a second career in the private sector in the aviation field.  He has earned masters degrees in both aeronautical engineering and management, and in 1988 founded an aviation consulting and marketing firm in Wichita, Kansas.  He headed the firm, which became quite successful, until 2005.  At that time, he sold the business to his associates and retired.  Following his retirement from business, Frank began his next career as a writer and author. 



My latest book, "Wake Up, America!

   Understand the US Constitution and Get Involved"


This book is about understanding the US Constitution and getting involved in the amendment process.  It covers a brief and colorful overview of the history of civilization up to Colonial America and the Declaration of Independence.  This is followed by a discussion of the debating and writing of the US Constitution. It reviews the Federalists Papers, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, Article V and the amendment process, and changes needed in the current process to align power between Federal and States according to the Founders’ criteria.  It covers the history of the Constitutional amendment process from the Constitutional Convention in 1787 up to the present.  It covers the two ways to propose amendments to the Constitution, and that one way has never been used, but certainly should be.  Furthermore it covers how all Americans can get involved in the amendment process.  The book also has four appendices including the unedited complete texts of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States, and the text of all 27 Amendments to the constitution to date.  The book is easy to read and understand and will shed a new light on the actual Constitutional process and how it can be improved.  The book includes 143 pages, including the Appendices.  Once you read this book, you will feel better about your country.  The issues that need to be addressed are not complex, but will take all of us working together to make the changes to improve the way we manage this unique and most important document that determines the future of our country.


A few years ago, I became interested in the Constitution and decided to purchase five small leather books, very nicely bound, and sent one to each of my four grown children, keeping one for myself.  I kept my copy on my computer desk and began to use it whenever an issue arose regarding the Constitution.  It is surprising how often this happens, and I found myself using the little book frequently as issues arose often.  Then I made the effort to read through the book and try to memorize all of its content.  Then I went further and rewrote the Constitution in my own words and thought this would help strengthen my knowledge of the document.  It did do just that, and I began to understand the wording more and more.  Then, to make a long story short, I began to do a lot of research of the literature and on the Internet into the issues that influenced the writing of the Constitution. I read old books by Robert Filmer, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Thomas Paine, the Federalist papers, and publications from those who were there debating the issues as the Constitution was written. I really began to grasp the meaning of the Constitution and the role it plays in the direction of our country.  It is the most important document we have and it needs to be understood by all of us so we can take action to protect our way of life and our freedom.  In 2011, I decided to write a book about tie Constitution so that it would help explain why it was written, who was involved, when it was ratified, how amendments were processed, and where we stand with the document today.  The book, Wake Up, America!, is the result and hopefully this book will help many citizens understand our constitution much better and get involved in the amendment process with fellow citizens.


The Constitution of the United States of America sets the guidelines for this nation as to how it will be governed. All American citizens should be interested in and aware of the Constitutional process.  The book will provide the following:

    • Understanding how and why the Constitution was written.

    • How the Constitution has been amended since the initial ratification.

    • How to manage amending the Constitution more effectively in the future.

    • What the founders expected from future amendments to the Constitution.

    • How you can get involved in the amendment process.

The book was published on September 12, 2012, by Createspace publishing company of Charleston, South Carolina, and can be found on:

You can also find it on by entering the book title, Wake Up, America! Sisson.  The Sisson is helpful because there are many titles using the “Wake Up America” words.

The book is also available on “Kindle” !



My First Book, "A Ransomed Yankee"


Since retiring, Frank has spent over three years doing research and writing about the voyage of his great grandfather's whaling ship, the Milo.  The book, "A Ransomed Yankee", was published published by the Red Anvil Press of Oregon in 2008.  See the Book Ordering Page on this web site.

Frank continues to live with his wife, Anne, in Wichita.  They have three grown children living in New England, and one living in Omaha, Nebraska.  They travel to Omaha frequently and take a trip at least once a year to New England to visit family and friends.

The book is about the epic voyage of the whaleship Milo.  One week after Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, on a calm morning, the Milo sailed out of New Bedford harbor into the Atlantic Ocean, infiltrated with Confederate armed cruisers, on a journey that would impact many lives and make Civil War history.  This is her story.


About "A Ransomed Yankee"

The book is about the little known exploits of armed Confederate raiders and their part in the loss of Yankee shipping during the Civil War.  The Milo voyage lasted almost six years, while the CSS Shenandoah circled the world on a one year rampage of dishing out destruction to American ships at sea.  Right after the start of the Civil War, Confederate agents were positioned in England and France to procure ships, arms and supplies for the South from English and French private parties, although both were neutral nations.  Cotton from the South to supply the English textile industry was the incentive for the English.  The French were a minor player.

The South acquired a large force of armed vessels built in England to harass American shipping and create anxiety in the North.  The most famous English built Confederate raiders were the Florida, Alabama and Shenandoah.  There were many other gun boats and cruisers as well and collectively, the Americans lost over 300 civilian and non-combat vessels during the war to the raiders.  The CSS Shenandoah was commissioned at sea off the coast of Madeira Island in October 1864 and converted into a Confederate cruiser after having departed Liverpool, England, as the merchant ship Sea King.  The Shenandoah then went out on a mission that destroyed nearly 40 Yankee merchant and whale ships on its path around the globe.  The book covers all of this in great detail with many illustrations, maps and photos of the events that took place.  It also integrates chronologically with ground and naval military operations among the famous generals including Lee, Grant, Sherman and Sheridan as well as Admiral Farragut.  It also covers the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the flight of John Wilkes Booth, and the aftermath of the event.  It is an exciting and suspenseful story based on facts uncovered from the archives among numerous sources. 

The Milo and the Shenandoah met in the Bering Sea in June 1865 while the raider was destroying a number of whalers.  The Milo was ransomed to take prisoners from the Shenandoah  back to San Francisco.  After this, the location of the raider became known, and the U.S. Navy went into hot pursuit, but to no avail.  All of this is covered in great detail in the book. 

It is a true story and one that will enhance your knowledge of the Civil War period.  After the war, there were many Americans who thought that the ships and materials supplied by England extended the war for several years, and some even sought to acquire Canada from England as compensation. 



You will love the book!


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